Cut Label Fashion

Cut Label Fashion


If you, like us,  have always been a fan of outlet Shopping and are fond of a bargain,  let’s take it one step further…

Cut label shopping is both an amazing way to save on your clothes, and a sustainable way to shop. So what is this ‘Cut label’ style of fashion we speak of?


Let’s give you a scenario of what happens all the time in the clothing & fashion industry. One of the major brands places an order with a factory for 40,000 dresses, then, after the garments have been produced, they change their mind and decide to only purchase 20,000. The remaining stock then becomes surplus.

The factory can sell the surplus provided they cut the brand labels out. Which is exactly what they do, and sell the ‘Cut Label’ surplus at a very reduced price to clear it.

And that’s where Highstreet Outlet comes in. We buy up the surplus, and sell it at up to 90% off the RRP. Pretty cool, huh?!

If companies like Highstreet Outlet didn’t scoop up the surplus clothing it would end up in land fill. We only buy surplus from the best quality brands, too. We are super picky what we buy because we believe clothing should be built to last.  So ,will you ever know which brand your garment has been made for? We find that our savvy shoppers spot styles they recognize all the time

So when you are on your treasure hunt to find your favourite brands for much less, we do apologize in advance if you find something that you have paid full price for..

As a side note, we know that sizing does vary between brands – so we measure every garment and include the measurements in the description.

Happy ‘Cut Label’ Outlet shopping - what brand will you find?

Jacket £20 RRP £45 - Jeans £14.25 RRP £28  - Cami £5 RRP £8