What is Outlet Shopping?

Outlet shopping is perfect for all those fashionistas on the lookout for a bargain. You can buy your favourite brands all whilst making huge savings, be that on dresses, outerwear or even accessories.  

Here we explore what exactly outlet shopping is, why items are sold at a cheaper price and what the difference is between an outlet store and a brand retail store. So, without further ado, let’s dive in…

Where did the concept of outlet shopping come from?

 An outlet store is a shop that sells branded items at a discounted price. The very first outlet store opened in the early 1930s. Operating as a factory outlet, it offered excess products to the company’s employees at a cheaper price to avoid throwing the items away. This not only reduced financial loss for the manufacturer but also gave employees access to high-quality products at a lower cost. 

As time went on, the advantage of cheaper products extended to the employees’ family and friends and then eventually to everyone. And as popularity increased, more and more brands wanted in, and so outlet shopping was born. 

Since then, outlet shopping has evolved. Today, you can buy a variety of brand items at a reduced price, all in one place. 

Why is outlet shopping cheaper?

When you choose to shop at outlet stores like High Street Outlet, you’ll have access to discounted clothes all year round. These bargain prices are available because we only stock surplus and past season stock, which means you’ll get the same exceptional quality as you would shopping with the brand directly, just with a smaller price tag. So you can look and feel fantastic without breaking the bank. 

Outlet vs retail stores

The key difference between an outlet store and a retail store is price. Outlet stores offer you a lower price and everyday bargains. Whereas at brands’ stores, they sell the items at retail price, only discounting during specific sale seasons or special events.

Wrapping up

If you’re looking for high-quality items from your favourite brands at low prices, then outlet shopping is the way to go. 

At High Street Outlet, we believe that every woman, no matter her shape, size or budget, can dress fashionably. That’s why we only select the very best high street brands and key pieces of clothing, so you can step out in style with confidence.